Working in the cabin

Our cabin attendants have what it takes to make a difference at 12,000 metres. Pampering others? We love it! We are committed to the safety of everyone on board and give them the personal attention they are used to from KLM. We do this together: in small or large teams, sometimes under high pressure. This calls for team players with an open and flexible attitude. 'Cabin crew, prepare for take-off.' At KLM and KLM Cityhopper - quite literally - a world will open up for you.

KLM or KLM Cityhopper

Working in the cabin wearing a blue uniform? You can do that at two airlines: KLM and KLM Cityhopper. In many ways, the roles are similar. You are always responsible for the safety of everyone on board, working closely with your team and making sure passengers have an unforgettable flight. Yet there are also differences. You'll find the biggest ones below.

Working for KLM

Working in the air? That requires sky-high development opportunities – and you have those as a cabin attendant! For example, you can grow to become a purser: the first manager on European flights and ultimately responsible for the entire flight operation, from boarding to arrival. On intercontinental flights you form the management with the senior purser. As a purser you can then move up to senior purser and become the highest cabin colleague on intercontinental flights.

You can also develop yourself broadly through an additional position. You then exchange part of your cabin work for a position on the ground for three years. There are more than 50 additional positions available, at various levels: from manager to trainer and from recruiter to agent. You will receive an extra monthly allowance for this on top of your fixed salary.

  • Destinations all over the world
  • One year contract, then chance for permanent contract
  • KLM cabin crew collective labour agreement
  • Changing teams with different colleagues
  • You are at least 21 years old
  • You are between 1.58 and 1.90 metres tall
  • Minimum havo or mbo level 4
  • No specific work experience necessary

Working for KLM Cityhopper

With KLM Cityhopper we operate more than three hundred flights a day and take our passengers to around seventy destinations within Europe. You provide a lot of service during a short flight, and you can visit no fewer than three European cities in one day. Can you take up the challenge?

Our cabin attendants have everything it takes to make a difference, no matter how short the flight. There are two or three of them on board, so they are responsible for giving each passenger enough time and attention. A great challenge that requires tackling. Are you ready for it?

  • Destinations in Europe
  • Five-year contract, after one year you can advance to manager
  • CLA Cityhopper cabin crew
  • Small and young teams, with a lot of responsibility
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are between 1.58 and 1.85 metres tall
  • Minimum havo or mbo level 3
  • 1,5 years of experience in a service-oriented environment

What we ask for both functions

  • You are fluent in both Dutch and English
  • You have no visible tattoos, piercings, or dental decorations
  • You can be at Schiphol within one hour during a stand by shift

Start of your journey KLM

You don't just become part of the blue family. Would you like to know more about the selection process and training before your first flight? Continue reading.

KLM crew

Start of your journey KLM Cityhopper

Shut-eye in Stockholm, and rise and shine in Milan? Get on board with KLM Cityhopper as a cabin attendant. Learn more about the selection process and training.


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