Working at KLM

Travel, technology, the blue uniform, or the down-to-earth mentality: every KLM employee was once attracted to 'something' about the Royal Dutch Airline. Over the past century, countless people have flown, pioneered, and laughed with us. Some even joined us as school leavers and stayed until retirement. Only with our people’s commitment, ideas and mindset can we fulfil our ambition: moving your world, by creating memorable experiences on the planet we care for.

Diversity & inclusion

At KLM we believe in the strength of diversity and inclusion. What else would you expect from a company that has been flying across the globe for more than one hundred years? By embracing our differences we make it easier to connect with our customers, society and each other. Our colleagues, originating from 74 countries, demonstrate that. Every day, again and again. At KLM you’ll find an inclusive atmosphere where you can be yourself regardless of what your passport states, your religious beliefs or your domestic situation. In short: it’s not who, but how you are.


If you work at KLM, you will be dealing with sustainability no matter what. Because whether you start work as a pilot, product manager or business controller, in every role you contribute to the future of aviation. Of course, we still have a long way to go before we minimise our emissions. But we are making every effort to reduce our footprint, both in the air and on the ground. Not an easy choice, but the right one.

Not a choice, but a duty

To be a leader, we must take the bull by the horns and accept our responsibility - even if it means trial and error. In any case, we can proudly say that the first steps have been taken. For instance, we are the only airline in the world to operate a commercial flight partly with synthetic Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Another example is the collaboration with TU Delft, working on the aircraft of the future, the Flying-V.

Electrical ground equipment

We'll continue on this footing, and in doing so, we hope to inspire and motivate the rest of the industry. Flying more sustainably is not a choice, but our responsibility. By dreaming big and showing courage, we helped invent aviation. With exactly the same mindset, we can reinvent the industry - a fantastic goal to contribute to.

Sustainability on board: every little step counts

KLM is working hard to achieve a more sustainable operation on board.


Scanning is knowledge - and a lot faster than measuring

Thanks to Cargo Volume Scanning, KLM Cargo can now measure incoming cargo within seconds.

Cargo loaded on aircraft

Destination: an airline where everyone feels welcome

KLM Connecting Colours inclusivity network aims to help KLM become the most inclusive airline.

Woman posing in company restaurant