Whether you want to work on board or prefer to keep both feet on the ground, you'll work as one team to give our passengers and customers an unforgettable experience.

Wheel mechanic
Smiling cabin attendant
Service agent
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Professional at Schiphol
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IT professional


Engineering is perhaps the most versatile place to work, especially within KLM: you can go in any direction.

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The crystal data ball of Sashiko and her colleagues

Predictive data helps with accurate inventory management of aircraft parts.

Woman looking at screen

Robot Fiona takes care of incoming invoices

Thanks to Finance robot Fiona, the work of Martin and his colleagues is more efficient, more precise and a lot more fun.

Man outside airport

KLM Cityhopper's VR-tool

As a pilot with KLM Cityhopper, you learn cockpit procedures via VR. It is possible, partly thanks to Ernst.

Sim training centre