KLM cabin attendants: FAQ's

How do I know if there are any current vacancies?

All positions that we are recruiting for are posted on the KLM careers website. Currently, we do not accept open applications. However, we encourage you to review our current job openings and apply for positions that align with your skills and experience.

Where can I find more information about the selection procedure for KLM cabin crew?

All details regarding the selection process for KLM cabin crew can be found here. If you have any further inquiries after reviewing the information, please feel free to reach out to us via email at klm.ws@klm.com. We are here to assist you.

I hold a diploma from a foreign institution. Are there any specific steps I need to take when applying for a position?

When you apply, it is important that you have had your diploma accredited. Keep in mind it can take a couple of weeks for the accreditation process. When you are invited to the first selection round you should have your original diploma and the result of the accreditation with you.

Please note that Bachelors and Master's degrees are drawn up according to European guidelines and have an equivalent level within Europe. You therefore do not need to have these degrees accredited. We also accept older diplomas from European universities.

During the application, you should upload the proof of accreditation that confirms your diploma meets the established requirements (at least havo or mbo, level 4).

Will there be any testing on drug usage during the medical examinations?

The medical examination includes a blood and urine test to investigate the use of medication, alcohol and drugs. You must meet the requirements of the medical examination to be an employee of KLM/KLC; the results may not show any traces of drugs in your blood or urine. KLM/KLC has a zero tolerance policy regarding this matter. Do you use medication with a psychoactive effect? In that case, your use will be assessed by the medical examiner at KLM Health Services. If alcohol is found, the possibility of excessive alcohol consumption will be investigated.

When will I hear the result of my application?

The selection procedure comprises various phases. After each phase, you will be told either verbally or in writing whether you are through to the next round.

How long is the result of my application valid?

The result of your application is valid for one year. We aim to find you a place on a basic course as soon as possible. Should this unfortunately not happen, we will inform you.

The reason we apply a one year limit is that you and/or your circumstances can change after 12 months. Even if you have been rejected, the result of your application is valid for one year. If you have been rejected, we expect you will need at least one year to further develop your competencies.

Does KLM use the Dutch Network for HR Professionals (NVP) Recruitment code?

Yes, KLM uses the Dutch Network for HR Professionals Recruitment code. At KLM we are committed to a transparent and honest recruitment and selection process.

Which personality characteristics must I have?

At KLM, every cabin attendant is unique. And yet, there are a number of personality characteristics that are important for anyone who wants to fly with us. As a cabin attendant, you promote the KLM image on board. You radiate energy, can connect easily and are focused on your surroundings. Furthermore, you have a well-groomed appearance, a strong sense of responsibility and like making sure others are enjoying themselves. Because you work with different colleagues every day and you deal with a wide range of passengers, you are flexible and can adapt to a changing environment. You are open minded and genuinely interested in others, which makes passengers feel heard, acknowledged and safe.

How do I know if my diploma meets the required level?

If you are unsure whether your diploma meets the minimum havo or mbo level 4, for example because you obtained a diploma abroad, then DUO offers the solution. On the DUO website you can check whether your diploma meets the required level.

What if I live over an hour away from Schiphol?

You are free to live where you want. During call-up shifts, however, we expect you to be able to get to Schiphol within one hour.

Are tattoos and piercings allowed?

Tattoos and piercings should not be visible when you are wearing the KLM uniform. Tongue piercings are not allowed, neither are decorations or jewels on your teeth. You must remove any piercings before flying.

What vaccinations must I have?

From five days before the start of the basic course, you can get yourself vaccinated at KLM Health Services against the following diseases: yellow fever, typhoid, DTP and hepatitis A. These vaccinations are required for cabin attendants. KLM pays for the vaccinations.

Why am I asked if I am prepared to work and stay all over the world?

As a cabin attendant you fly to destinations across the globe. That means you can come into contact with cultures and/or beliefs that differ from your own. We consider it important that you have considered beforehand whether this would be a problem for you.

If you have stamps in your passport from countries that are in conflict with each other, then we request you apply for a second passport. This applies to Israel and Iran, both KLM destinations. You cannot declare the costs for your second passport. You can find more information via this link.

I do not meet the basic requirements. Is there any point in applying?

The basic criteria are the minimum requirements you must meet as a KLM cabin attendant. If you do not meet these criteria, we advise you not to apply, because we will not be able to process your application.

What can I expect from the basic course?

For more information about the basic course, you can go here.

Can I start as soon as I have a positive selection result?

Once you have been successful in the selection procedure, we aim to place you on a basic course as soon as possible. Should this unfortunately not happen, we will inform you.

Do I get a permanent contract straight away?

When you have been successful in the selection procedure and the basic course, we will offer you a contract for one year. After one year, if you perform well, that contract can be converted into a permanent contract. You can find more information about the employment terms and conditions here.

Do I have any control of my roster?

You can indicate a preference for a flight in the scheduling system for cabin crew. It is important you are aware there is no guarantee you will get your preference.

Didn't you find the answer to your question yet?

If you haven't found the answer to your question, then please contact us by e-mail on klm.ws@klm.com. We will be happy to help.

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