You've got Airmail: the playful Valentine's campaign that attracted millions of viewers


When it is cold outside and the shops are once again full of roses and chocolates, it can only mean one thing: Valentine's Day is approaching. That’s why last year, together with her team and our partner LiveWall, colleague Sharon Geervliet came up with a striking campaign: Airmail. Using ChatGPT, this tool put a love letter on paper in the blink of an eye. And it caught on - tens of thousands of unique copies were sent.

Huge success

'The campaign caught on enormously,' says Sharon, creative strategist at KLM and co-inventor of the concept. We sent our newsletter - containing the link to the landing page - to around 2 million customers. Then the campaign was also shared on social media and ended up being seen by over 2.5 million people. A real hit: in the first 12 hours after the launch, as many as 32,500 people had a personalised love letter for them.'

ChatGPT as Cupid

'The letter was written based on your answers to seven questions about the recipient: from the (nick)name, to what you appreciate most about the person,' she continues. 'By the way, it could also have been a non-romantic letter, for your colleague, neighbour or best friend, for example. If you really wanted to make it something special, then you chose to have the message generated by ChatGPT. As a result, it wasn't just a fill-in-the-blank story, you got a unique message on paper.

Innovative ideas

'KLM wants to pioneer: to lead the way and push boundaries. That's why we stay on top of trends, to be ahead of the game on everything - including AI text tools. As a matter of fact, we were the very first organisation worldwide to deploy ChatGPT in this way and scale in a campaign,' says Sharon. 'OpenAI's software was hot and happening last February, we just had to do something with it.'

Conquering hearts

Sharon: 'I work for KLM Global. Together with my team I devise campaigns for all our 70 offices worldwide. Most of them were all ears for this campaign, and they gladly took part. With success: it generated lots of positive reactions, so we definitely plan to use similar mechanisms in future campaigns. This software develops every day, so it's better to learn how to use it as soon as possible.'

'Ultimately, you just want to make customers, followers and fans feel good about your brand and make sure you stay in their minds. We do that by cementing a place in their hearts. What better time for that than 14th February?'

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