Team Wheels


In the wheel shop we check and repair aircraft wheels, as the name suggests. They roll into our shop on a conveyor belt. We dismantle them, check every part meticulously - right down to the bolts – then we put them back together again perfectly. If we encounter problems, then we carry out the cleaning and repair ourselves. Thanks to us, planes are back on the runway quickly.

Wheels in excellent condition

When it comes to aircraft, many people will think of wings, engines, and the cabin. But wheels are also an important part: without them, take-off, landing, and taxiing are impossible. The Wheel Shop ensures that the wheels of KLM, Air France, and its subsidiaries are in top condition. From the moment a rim is taken apart in to dozens of parts, to the moment when everything is repaired and reassembled. We work at different stations, but build one product together - as a true unit. And you can feel that unity in everything we do.

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Few people know how much is involved in maintaining aircraft wheels. They often think of car wheels - they can replace those themselves. But when they visit, they are always astonished. 'So many and large parts? Brake pads and bearings? Inflating with nitrogen?' There really is a lot involved. Besides: if you see a KLM plane, you know that our wheels are underneath it. That makes this work really beautiful.

Gerson, team lead

Team Wheels at a glance

Number of colleagues: 40

Division: Engineering & Maintenance (E&M)

Department: Component Services

Home base: Hangar 14 at Schiphol-Oost

Work times: Day shifts

Team wheels

Vital work

Brake pads, heat shields, bearings, bolts: a rim consists of dozens of parts and complex technology. In the wheel shop, we work together to make sure everything works. Sometimes wheels come to us because they need a check, sometimes because there is something wrong. In both cases we work thoroughly and accurately: in our checks and repairs, but also in our administration. After all, we are not just dealing with a wheel worth tens of thousands of euros, but with safety - our work is vital. So count on technical challenges and a considerable amount of responsibility with us!

Mechanic at work

As one team behind each wheel

Our diverse team is spread across several stations: this way we check and maintain each wheel step by step. When you come in, you start with on-the-job training and work hard to get your authorisation at each of our stations. We rotate every fortnight. So we all perform every part of the wheel repairs, and everyone is involved in one wheel. This creates a close-knit team feeling. Or rather, a family feeling. This is reinforced by the atmosphere on the floor: think clear, honest communication and appreciation, as well as home-cooked lunches and team barbecues.

Wheel mechanic
Binnen de technische dienst zijn er oneindig veel doorgroeimogelijkheden.
Mechanic in cabin
Wheel mechanic
Engineer in front of plane
Repair mechanic
Person in hangar
Every time I see an aircraft I stop and think, my components are in there.
Avionics intern
Repair Engine Services
Employee on hanagr roof with solar panels

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