KLM Flight Academy

KFA students and planes

KLM Flight Academy is a flight school with a rich history!

The KLM Flight Academy (KLMFA) is KLM's flight school and trains students to become commercial pilots. As a subsidiary of KLM, KLM hires our graduates when it needs new pilots. The students in our training programme are enthusiastic and aspire to a great career as a pilot at KLM.

To become a pilot

We train students to become commercial pilots and we are KLM's preferred supplier. When KLM needs new pilots, they are recruited from us. Training to become a commercial pilot takes two years and 60 aspiring commercial pilots start their training with us every year.

Informal and involved

Within the KLMFA, 50 colleagues work diligently each day to fulfil our mission of training and preparing 72 students annually through a comprehensive two-year program for their careers as commercial pilots. The organisation is characterised by its informal and committed working atmosphere, with enthusiastic colleagues, and the short lines of communication. Our largest group of employees are the flight instructors and teachers, who instruct future airline pilots with great pleasure and commitment. We also have our own Technical Department, which proudly has its own renovated hangar. And, of course, we couldn't do it all without our support staff.

Progressive training institute

We want to be a future-proof, high-quality, and progressive training institute for the commercial pilots of the KLM Group, and we have been developing strongly as an organisation in recent years. KLM and KLM Flight Academy are very confident about the future of aviation.

A new career!

Working at KLM Flight Academy allows you to develop yourself within a dynamic working environment, where the student is central and is trained to become a commercial pilot at KLM.