KLM Catering Services

Catering services resupplying KLM plane

Providing sustainable customized catering.

What does your work look like?

At KLM Catering Services (KCS), we ensure everything passengers need on board 7 days a week, from meals and drinks to non-food products. We are the premier logistics service provider in aviation catering, a unique and diverse company. At KLM Catering Services, we collaborate daily to achieve the best results, focusing on quality, entrepreneurship, and reliability.

While our primary language is Dutch, with over 50 nationalities under one roof, we are a true melting pot of cultures.

Welcome aboard, welcome to the KCS team!

Through one of the most advanced catering systems in the industry, over 55,000 meals from KLM Catering Services reach the right passengers daily. Innovation is our strength, as we believe that forward-thinking is crucial to meeting changing societal and customer needs.

We strive to provide a reliable and secure delivery of everything your passengers need on board 24 hours a day. That remains our ambition.

Life @ KLM Catering Services

Our staff on the work floor is mainly involved in assembling and delivering meals and non-food products. You'll be part of a logistics organization where the majority of our activities involve planning, assembly, and distribution.

There are jobs at all levels, including production worker, driver, Flow Coordinator, or Shift Leader. Roles such as Process Improvement Developeror Duty Catering Manager are also welcome to apply. If you're more inclined towards a warehouse function, we have opportunities at both Schiphol-Noord and Schiphol-Centrum, from roles like inspector, warehouse worker to driver.

At KLM Catering Services, every day is different but with the same goal: Providing our KLM fleet with food and drinks. It's a dynamic working environment at all levels.

"I enjoy the variety and the contact with people. There's a great atmosphere, and it's never monotonous!"

"It's a unique world I work in, and I like that. I feel like my own boss with a sense of freedom. We have shifts, but fixed hours, so I know exactly what to expect."

"We have a great atmosphere in the department, and the work is pleasantly varied."

"You can also progress to roles like Flow Coordinator or Shift Leader."

"Every day brings a different challenge, but as a team, we can solve it together well."

"I don't know of a greater logistical challenge than at KCS; I'm stimulated in my work every day, and I find that very pleasant.

Welcome to KCS!