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We are Cygnific!

We are a proud Sales & Services Centre helping customers in 10+ languages. Chances are you’ve been in touch with us without even realising it. Ever WhatsApped KLM because you wanted to upgrade your flight? Or called Rituals for advice on the perfect gift for your loved one? We were the ones helping you out. Both up in the sky and down on the ground, we are here to help.

With nearly 2000 Cygnificans across the globe, we represent more than 30 nationalities who go the extra mile for customers and each other. We are a fun, smart and colourful bunch. We embody diversity and socially open-mindedness that comes from our (cultural) differences. We work hard and play hard. And like our extended KLM family; most of us love to travel and explore the world! With our diverse personalities, we add that unique and personal ‘Cygnific Touch’ to everything we do and help customers on a delightful journey!

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In 1998 we were founded as KLM’s service centre, and since 2016 we added more exciting brands to the mix. We have worked with adidas Glitch, Air Miles and G-Star RAW in the past. Currently, we deliver our Cygnific touch to customers of Air France KLM, Rituals and Pink Gellac with an ambition to grow.

When you join Cygnific, we provide you with an inspiring and comprehensive training to ensure you are ready to contribute to the seamless handling of inquiries. Whether you're engaging directly with customers over the phone or stepping into the world of social media, there's something for everyone.

We approach our work with empathy, patience, and care, and we take pride in providing support to our customers for over 25 years in this manner. Your contribution makes the difference to many customers around the world!

At Cygnific, your development is a priority. Over time, we offer our colleagues new challenges through cross-training, allowing you to continue learning and growing.

 You can also explore opportunities beyond customer service at one of our support departments. Here, you play a crucial supporting role, enabling your customer service colleagues to achieve the highest level of service every day. Become an HR Professional, Recruiter, ICT Specialist, Financial Associate, Trainer, WFM Specialist and much more. Join us to give your career a flying start!

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When starting your career at Cygnific, you'll become part of our ambitious and enthusiastic team of professionals. We work hard, but also love a good celebration! We often come together for drinks, board game nights and to enjoy delicious food. What makes us unique is that we go the extra mile for customers and each other. We want to excel by providing the best service in an inspiring work environment, so we can grow together. Our open, warm and vibrant culture is one of our greatest strengths.

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