Practical information
  • Many of our people have had aviation training. But there are also many people working at KLM who have worked, or have training, in automotive, installation technology or mechanical engineering. Be sure to check the requirements for each vacancy.

  • There are too many to mention. Think of fuselage inspections with drones, repairs through electron beam welding or the use of 3D printing to speed up processes. Or a comprehensive recycling programme for oil and fluids.

  • This depends on what exactly you’ll be doing at KLM. Some positions, require you to work in a secure area and have a Schiphol pass, or a Certificate of No Objection (VGB) is required, both require a security screening. This process can take up to eight weeks. If you've lived abroad in the past eight years or have been unregistered from the Netherland, this can cause the screening to take even longer. If you’d like to know what the situation is for the job you are applying for, be sure to ask during your application.

  • If you still have questions after reading a vacancy, feel free to ask the relevant recruiter or the manager of the team you are applying to. Their contact details are (usually) at the bottom of the vacancy. The manager can best help you with any questions about the content of the job and the recruiter can help with any questions about the application process.

  • Let's start with the period before your first day. Your manager will give you all the information about what you can expect. On your first day at work, you will meet your new colleagues and be shown around your new workplace. You’ll be assigned a buddy who you can ask any questions you may have during your first period.

  • Yes, plenty! First of all, take your time to settle into your job and get to know KLM. If you have ambitions, be sure to discuss this with your manager.

  • Yes, this is not a problem. In some cases, after a rejection you may only reapply for the same position after a set period of time. We explain this during the application process.

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