KLM Offices

Practical information
  • When you think of KLM, you might first think of pilots and stewardesses. But there'sa whole world behind our flight operation, including in our offices. Besides the teams you can probably imagine: Legal, HR or Customer Experience, you will also find people working in procurement, real estate, and strategic issues. Within the commercial process, we have countless areas of expertise: from content and e-commerce to data science and revenue management.

  • That's difficult to answer because KLM is a hugely diverse company. You'll find big differences in dynamics per team. What you do see everywhere: there is a high degree of enthusiasm and collegiality. We are a people company with a passion for aviation.

  • This varies per function, but 'the world' is never far away. This is due, for example, to our cooperation with Air France and the other Skyteam members or the international markets we serve. We also have a number of outstations worldwide, where KLM employees also work as expats from Amsterdam.

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