Information Services

KLM colleague with VR headset

Whatever you manage, develop or improve, at KLM Information Services you work towards an efficient and smart future.

Data and technology will determine the future, including that of aviation. At Information Services, we do everything we can to make tomorrow better, smarter and more sustainable. This will help make our passengers' flights more carefree, but colleagues also benefit from our work. Our advanced technological solutions help make their work easier, safer and more efficient. Our impact on operations is direct and significant, which is why we always work closely with our colleagues.

Stepping into the future

For over a century, KLM has been known for pioneering and innovating, which has made us what we are today. Nowadays, a good part of the innovations are tech and data in character, think automated 3D scanning of cargo, pioneering VR tools for cockpit and cabin training. We develop these at Point of View, the headquarters of Information Services. But in practice, we can be found everywhere in our organisation. We work directly for and with our colleagues, from technicians in the maintenance hangars to baggage handlers on the apron.

Meet the crew

We build the aviation of tomorrow today by pioneering digitally. We use the latest technological and data applications for this.

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