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From check-in and boarding to loading, unloading and refueling: the perfect pit stop thanks to our colleagues at Ground Services

Are you astonished when watching aircraft take off from Schiphol Airport? We understand, it's pretty impressive! Our Ground Services colleagues play a crucial role in this. A timely departure requires a well-timed interaction of activities, from check-in and boarding to loading, unloading, and refuelling, we do this like no other. That’s how we contribute to unforgettable flights.

Perfect pit stop

At Ground Services, we measure everything by our turnaround; the time between the landing and departure of an aircraft. We ensure that all passengers and baggage leave on time, safely and within the set time frame. Think of it as the perfect pit stop at Schiphol Airport. Our division is split into two job categories, 'above' and 'below' the wing. Think of the former as gate agents and lounge staff, and the latter as everyone on the apron and in the baggage halls. We may work all over the airport, but one thing everyone has in common: we keep our cool, no matter what.

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From check-in and boarding to loading, unloading and refuelling, thanks to our Ground Services colleagues, every KLM plane gets the perfect pit stop at Schiphol.

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