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KLM is a large, hands-on organisation. In the background, entire staff departments, from Legal to HR, work to keep operations running smoothly.

Most KLM employees work at the heart, in the aircraft, maintenance hangars, or baggage halls. They in turn have a lot of colleagues who deal directly with these processes. But behind the scenes, we've got even more teams that form the lifeblood of our organisation: think HR and Legal. While everyone else in the company pays attention to the operation, these teams look after the company and their colleagues, and that makes them indispensable!

No operation as unique

Our organisation is running at full speed. To keep it that way, we take countless decisions every day, human, but also legal and strategic. So far, nothing new; this happens in every organisation with a Legal, Strategy and HR department. What sets KLM apart, however, is that we are KLM. As a recruiter, where else do you look for mechanics and pilots? At which company do you guard the privacy of millions of airline passengers? And at how many other workplaces do you contribute to the sustainability strategy of a major aviation player? A corporate job at KLM may well be your dream job!

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KLM is a large, practice-oriented organization. Entire staff departments work in the background to ensure the operation runs smoothly.

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