Cabin Maintenance


Just like cars, airplanes are also inspected inside and out every so often - call it an MOT. For inspection and repair of the cabin, all KLM aircraft visit Cabin Maintenance in hangars 11 and 12 at Schiphol-Oost. Here they each undergo a thorough inspection and repair, and less than 24 hours later they drive out again - ready to go.

Cabin Maintenance at a glance

  • Number of colleagues: 44
  • Division: Engineering & Maintenance
  • Department: Cabin Maintenance
  • Home base: Hangar 11 and 12
  • Working hours: Day or evening shift

Everything is running? Check!

Every day the morning crew starts with an extensive inspection of the cabin. Are all seats properly secured, do the toilets still work and is the carpet worn anywhere? We put every detail on paper. We will then take extensive care of everything. The inside of the aircraft is being completely taken care of: we tackle every part that needs to be repaired or replaced. This way we ensure that every aircraft leaves the hangar spic and span the next morning.

You always work in the same team here. That makes us close, we know we can count on each other. The mentality is therefore: we're in it together – even if a job suddenly takes longer than expected.

Thijs, teamlead Cabin Maintenance

Learning by doing

Whether or not you have had a technical job before: you are more than welcome in hangars 11 and 12. At least, if you are a little handy and have some wrenching experience. Because we believe that with two right hands and the right attitude you can go a long way. In principle, every colleague comes in at the same level, but we promise that you will soon master the work on the floor. We would prefer to see you grow as quickly as possible, so that you can work independently in the cabin - we will ensure that together.

Team posing in hangar
Wheel mechanic
Binnen de technische dienst zijn er oneindig veel doorgroeimogelijkheden.
Mechanic in cabin
Wheel mechanic
Engineer in front of plane
Repair mechanic
Person in hangar
Every time I see an aircraft I stop and think, my components are in there.
Avionics intern
Repair Engine Services
Employee on hanagr roof with solar panels

Open vacancies

Kim swapped the cabin for the Engine Shop

Kim has been working at KLM for seventeen years – first as a flight attendant, but now in the Motor Shop for quite some time.

Team lead Engine Services

'Give me a bike, car, or plane: I'll fix it'

Shabier was a car mechanic for many years and then switched to KLM. Maarten immediately saw that he had talent.

Mechanic posing

A look at KLM's 'maintenance shops'

KLM is one of the largest parties for aircraft component maintenance worldwide. Remco has been working here for six years.

Man in avionics shop