Climb to great heights as a KLM trainee

There are endless possibilities for trainees at KLM. Nowhere else is there such a diversity of departments, people and projects. Whether you have technical/IT ambitions, dream of a director's role or want to delve into the depths of Finance: at KLM you'll find plenty of room for growth. Both professionally and personally. 

KLM traineeships

Management traineeship

A solid leadership programme with a specialisation in Finance or Business & Tech? Or perhaps a more broad-based programme as a management trainee Corporate? Whatever direction you choose, count on a rapid development and unique content at one of the most outstanding companies in the Netherlands.

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Technical traineeship

Curious about how to change the engine of a Boeing 787 as quickly as possible or together with your team, combining drone inspections with machine learning? Then apply now for the KLM technical traineeship!

Meet the crew

Joris Adolfsen

Management trainee Finance

‘Make it known what you want to learn!’

‘Within KLM there is a lot of room to provide your personal input. I have discovered that I really enjoy working in areas within KLM where I can improve the current processes. Whether that is in the operation or corporate environment. As finance business analyst I am currently busy with a very concrete “product”: the strategy of the on- and offline ticket sales. What do we offer via which channel? With the responsibility of a budget of 150 million euro, there is quite some work cut-out for me.’

Laura Andeweg

Management trainee Business & Tech

‘Getting an airplane into the air, you understand that it’s possible, but it’s still amazing.’

‘Nowadays everything boils down to IT; from making a booking to getting the luggage to the airplane that is about to leave. IT is an enabler. It not only offers support, but is part of the whole journey. A trip with wifi on board is just that bit more unforgettable. Joyed that I can contribute, with a fresh perspective. I enjoy challenging the established order. When you are too comfortable in your ways, you become paralyzed.’

Peywand Sulyman

Technical trainee

‘The hangars, airplanes; you really see the results of your work and what keeps you busy.’

‘One day there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, the next there are loads of issues. Maintenance is so dynamic, I enjoy it. An airplane is the ultimate machine in which so many technical systems come together. I would like to understand how systems work and how different parts and components work together. Not only in the airplane itself, but also in the logistic supply chain or between different departments. These matters unite in a unique way at Engineering & Maintenance.’

Laureen de Koning

Management trainee Corporate

‘I find continuous growth important.’
‘With my hospitality background I find that I can go many directions within a service orientated company such as KLM, where the customer is the heart of the company. I see this in my current assignment: a coordinating role to successfully implement the restructuring of teams and processes. Change management 101! I also look at myself this way. How am I adapting myself and make sure that I keep developing myself? There is always time to do so. If you make a mistake, you are not blamed, sometimes making a mistake is part of the journey and lessons learned!’