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Privacy Statement 

KLM handles your data in confidence. We only process your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. KLM’s privacy policy complies with current Dutch and European privacy legislation. When we refer to “processing” we mean: collecting, recording, storing, organising, transferring, adapting, changing, looking up, consulting, using, restricting, disclosing by sending, distribution or any other way of comparing, blocking, destroying and wiping recruitment and selection information. 

Registration in the KLM vacancies system 

When you register in the KLM vacancies system, KLM only uses your personal data for the purposes of an efficient and effective recruitment and selection process.  

The recruitment and selection purposes at KLM are: 
– comparison of the applicant’s data with the vacancy or vacancies; 
– communication of the recruitment and selection procedures; 
– contacting applicants to schedule job interviews; 
– passing on information about other relevant vacancies to applicants.  

Your data may be passed on to any of KLM’s business units and KLM’s subsidiaries. Where applicable, with your permission your personal data may also be provided to selection and assessment agencies that act on KLM’s behalf. These organisations may use this data to contact you.  

If you currently work or have worked for KLM through an employment agency or selection agency, your data may also be used to retrieve information about your employment history.  

We may also use your personal email address for training and scheduling purposes until a KLM email address is available for you.  

When you activate your profile, we may contact you in person or send you an email if a suitable vacancy is available for you. You can also create a job alert yourself. KLM gathers and processes applicants’ data directly or through the KLM vacancies system. KLM also gathers and processes applicants’ data through personal contacts, telephone calls and/or email. Examples of applicants’ data include: the applicant’s contact details (name, gender, address, etc.), the applicant’s education (training, courses, etc.), employment history (previous employers, references, etc.). 

KLM does not gather or process any sensitive information about applicants, such as information that reveals your race or ethnic background, political or religious belief, membership of a trade union, health or sexual orientation. If sensitive information is gathered about an applicant due to particular circumstances, KLM will request express written consent from the applicant for this purpose. If an applicant provides sensitive personal information to KLM without being asked, the applicant gives permission to KLM to use this for recruitment and selection purposes. The data of applicants that is collected and processed by KLM are appropriate, relevant and not superfluous for the specific purposes for which they are gathered and processed. 

KLM does not sell or commercialize applicants’ data to any third party. KLM may be required under the applicable legislation to disclose certain items of applicants’ data to third parties, such as the competent investigation authorities. 

After you activate your profile or your application, you give KLM permission to store your personal data for up to 1 year. After this period, we will remove your data from our database. KLM retains the right, if there appears to be reasons for so doing, to immediately remove the data.  

A screening process (into criminal records) may form part of the application procedure. Depending on the nature of the job that you are applying for, KLM will provide you with further information about the screening that will be carried out. 

If you would not like to be contacted by KLM in the future, you may unsubscribe through your personal profile. 

KLM uses various technical, physical and organizational protection measures to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of applicants’ data. KLM has implemented security technologies to protect the applicants’ data it stores against access by unauthorized persons, incorrect use, unlawful or abusive destruction and/or loss. Access to applicants’ data is restricted to KLM staff members who are involved with recruitment and selection activities. KLM staff members are obliged to respect the privacy of applicants and to keep applicants’ data confidential. KLM has adequate protection measures in place to protect the manual and electronic processing of applicants’ data and to prevent any misuse of this data.  


If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data, contact the KLM Privacy Office. 

KLM Privacy Office – AMSPI  

P.O. Box 7700 

1117 ZL Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands  




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