Working as a baggage handler at KLM

Great colleagues, discounted flights and a five-year contract at KLM. Just a few of the benefits of working at KLM as a baggage handler. Are you curious about aviation and do you like to be hands on? Then apply now, and come and work at KLM!

I want to work 32 hours or more

For a 5-year permanent contract at KLM, you must be available for at least 32 hours a week.

Contract at KLM

✔ You get a 5-year contract
✔ We'll help you decide what you do next
✔ Besides the 'normal' salary, you get good extras like shift bonus
✔ 25 holidays + 7 extra days off

I am interested!

I want to work less than 32 hours

Would you like to work less? No problem! Then you can work for us through one of the temporary employment agencies.

Flexible hours

✔ Specify when and how often you can work
✔ Work with a great team
✔ Great opportunity to gain work experience
✔ Get to know KLM and aviation

Check the possibilities

Your checklist

For this job, you need to be physically fit and a real team player. You can work 32, 36 or 40 hours. What do you think, are you a good match?

  • I have driving licence B (passenger car)
  • I stay calm, even when it's busy
  • I write and speak Dutch, and understand English

Do you have a question?

Or would you like help with your application? Feel free to send a WhatsApp message. You’ll get a response within 48 hours!

Send a message via WhatsApp to +31638995197