A flying start to your career at KLM Pricing and Revenue Management

Any idea why your plane ticket is more expensive on one day than on another? Spoiler alert: it's not your cookies. Every day, a dedicated team at KLM determines the prices of your flight. Although the tasks of each team member may vary, they all ultimately ensure that every airplane seat is sold at the best price. To achieve this, they dive deep into their data and closely monitor competitors - both from Amstelveen and Paris. The Pricing and Revenue Management department offers great opportunities for freshly graduated students. Five KLM employees will tell you about their experiences as newcomers in the team.

A world of possibilities

‘People often say that there's no future in aviation. I completely disagree. I believe it's an industry that will undergo significant changes. So, if you want to make a real impact, that's where you should work. After attending a guest lecture by two KLM employees, I was convinced: I wanted to write my thesis here. After graduating, I never left. Since then, I've been working as a Flight Analyst. I currently have three destinations in my portfolio, and I closely monitor booking trends for them. Based on my analysis, I optimize prices and revenue. I also assist with various projects, which keeps my job varied and exciting.’

‘Our department shares the office space with Air France, Virgin, and Delta. Half of my team consists of young talent, while the other half has been with KLM for a longer time - they often have years of experience within the operations. It's impressive how much they know about our business. We learn a lot from each other, and we also have fun together. During lunch, we often discuss the next standby destination. After a few months of working here, you can - if there's availability - fly anywhere at an attractive rate.’


Beating competition

‘Thanks to my background in Aerospace Engineering, I always knew that I wanted a job in aviation. So, I chose to write my master's thesis for KLM. When they offered me a permanent position, it didn't take much to convince me. Even though I'm not physically close to the airplanes, my knowledge about them is beneficial in this work. And even though my team is young, it has enough experience to pass on to newcomers.’

‘As a Retail Pricing Analyst, I assess KLM's position compared to the competition in the Scandinavian market every day. My task is to keep our rates slightly lower than theirs. I ensure that we are continuously competitive so that our Flight Analyst can sell all the seats. It's a meticulous task - one extra or one fewer zero can cost millions. Fortunately, I have complete trust.’


Once you’re in, you’re in

‘About a year and a half ago, I started at KLM in Amstelveen as a Retail Pricing Analyst. Now, I have been working as a Pricing Manager in Paris for a few months. Moving to the next role felt like a very natural process for me. I was ready for more responsibility. However, I never thought the next stop would be Paris. I really enjoy it here. I've always found traveling interesting, so after studying International Business, aviation was a logical choice - even though I knew nothing about pricing and revenue management.’

‘Our office has a nice mix of French and Dutch colleagues. Everyone has a different background, from hotel management to engineering, and from business to data analytics. What we have in common is a passion for data. As a Pricing Manager, I determine our daily market position for all flights from Scandinavia to Asia and the Middle East. For example, how can we gain as much market share as possible on the Helsinki to Bangkok route? I also decide on the overall pricing strategy for this portfolio, so that our Pricing Analysts know what to focus on. This might not be an entry-level position, but you can make rapid progress within KLM, just like I did. The management will fully back you in this.’


KARMA matters

‘As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a pilot. However, years later, I'm not in the cockpit but in a KLM office. First at Cityhopper, and now as an Operations Research Analyst in the Pricing and Revenue Management department. What I find enjoyable is that I work with a tangible product every day: airplanes! It makes it understandable for people, even though the tools and models I work with can be complex.’

‘I'm part of the KARMA team. We manage the KLM Air-France Revenue Management Application (KARMA) that determines the optimal ticket prices. The tool is used by Flight Analysts and Retail Pricers to monitor their flights and markets. Based on data, we make predictions: who will buy a ticket and when? The more accurate our predictions, the better our analysts can do their work. I do this daily with a fun and young team. The work is very diverse. Sometimes I'm in highly technical meetings with our IT team in Paris, shortly after I must explain the outcomes in clear language to other colleagues. So, I'm constantly solving puzzles throughout the day.’


From Amsterdam to Paris

‘KLM always stood out for me. I studied econometrics, but I knew right away that I wouldn't be happy with a boring office job. My roommate already worked for KLM and had nothing but good things to say. Now, I work here as a Consultant Decision Support. In short, I ensure that everyone in our department can do their work effectively, including our Flight Analysts and Pricing Managers who need to closely monitor the competition. Together with my development colleagues, I design, develop, and maintain the tools they use.’

‘Since I live in Amsterdam, I bike to the office every day. It's always enjoyable there. Sometimes, a bit too enjoyable, but that keeps the atmosphere in the department pleasant. Even outside of work, we often spend time together. YoungKLM organizes various activities for us, such as boat trips, gatherings, or even workshops on sustainability. The regular trips to Paris are also quite nice. During the day, all the teams discuss various matters, and in the evenings, we enjoy the city.’


Are you interested in any of the above positions? Send an email to olivier.the@klm.com.